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We are working hard with various partners to help reduce waste and increase recycling.

All of our waste foil gets recycled. Other waste such as Paper products and plastics go to recycling plants for further processing. Minimising the effect and caring for the environment:

Foilco Recycle.jpg

What our friends at Foilco say:

"We normally treasure the items we produce. A lot of time, effort and love go into them and we'd like to think that those who receive our prints will treasure them also.

So to make a point we'd like to do something pretty radical with this card.

We want you to throw it away! - But ONLY into recycling waste bins.

We are so passionate about changing peoples perceptions of stamping foil, that we know it'll be just a matter of time before "this" becomes the norm.

So enjoy the time the card is with you because we don't want to see it again."

Is the use of hot stamping foils on packaging environmentally friendly?


We can assure you that, yes, foil stamping is eco-friendly and you should have no concerns about any negative long-term effects that your designs will have on the environment.

• Foil stamping is a totally dry, solvent free process.

• Paper & board that has been foil stamped can be recycled.
• To be absolutely sure, two independent studies were conducted to determine the biodegradability and the recyclability of foil stamped paper.

• Foil has no visible effects in slowing down the rate of biodegradation of the paper & board.

• Foil also does not affect the repulpability of the paper substrate. A study carried out by FSEA/PIRA has found that the foil, like ink, can be successfully removed by the flotation de-inking process with no particles remaining once the paper was re-pulped.

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